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TCNJ Series Authority Policy

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 Policy and Guidelines for
The College of New Jersey Library Series Authority Control
In spite of LC’s abandonment of controlling series in bibliographic records (for LC’s decision on series, go to: http://www.loc.gov/catdir/cpso/series.html), TCNJ Library has decided not to follow LC’s new practice and continue to maintain consistent series headings represented in our online catalog. To retain the uniformity of series headings in bibliographic records, the TCNJ Cataloging Department should follow the procedures outlined below: 
  • To ensure that titles published under the same series can be collocated, TCNJ will continue to control series headings in bibliographic records. That is:
o   Series that have been traced previously will continue to be traced. Follow the AACR2 and MARC 21 standards either to trace the series in the 440 field or to transcribe it in the 490 1-  field and trace it in the 830 field.
o   The series-like phrases will not be traced; instead they will be transcribed as a note in the 500 field. Look up the fixed (008) field “Type of series” in the series authority record. If it is coded “c,” it should be treated as a Series-like phrase.
o   Series that used to be analyzed (i.e. each issue has its own bibliographic record), will continue to be analyzed.
o   The current classification practice for each cataloged series (i.e. classed together or classed separately) will remain unchanged.
o   TCNJ will start to establish local series headings, following PCC practice, for titles which have not been established by PCC or LC previously. The treatment instructions can be found in the series authority record 644 (analysis practice), 645 (tracing practice) and 646 (classification practice) fields on Voyager. The responsibility of creating new series authority records will be designated to a few librarians. A separate document with step by step instructions will be issued.
o   TCNJ will also start to record local series analysis, tracing and classification practices for continuing titles. Documentation will follow.
  • Effective immediately, bibliographic records with series entries created by LC after June 1, 2006, will be included in the Department’s routine revision process. To identify them, all the following conditions have to be met:
o   Record create-date is after June 1, 2006
o   Presence of $a DLC in the 040 field   
o   Absence of the 042    pcc
o   Presence of a 490 0- field
Titles that meet the above conditions, regardless of format, will need to be placed on the “NLC” truck after cataloging. Bibliographic records will then be revised and series authority work will be performed.
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