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TCNJ music CDs multiple pieces

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Handling Multiple Pieces in Voyager Item Record for Music Sound Recordings



  1. For opera titles and other music recordings with separate booklets, both the booklet and the CDs will be barcoded and linked to the item records, i.e. two item records will be created, one for the booklet, one for the CDs. If the title has multiple CDs, enter “disc 1-2” (for 2 CDs) in the “Enumeration” field in the item record. Enter “2” (or more) in the “piece” box in the item records which indicates 2 CDs are linked to one item record.
  2. For other music CDs that the booklet is located inside the CD jewel case, do not create an item record for the booklet. Enter “2” in the “piece” box in the item record. Enter “1 CD + 1 Booklet” (or “2 CDs + 1 booklet” etc.) in the note box. Click “Note” icon at the left bottom of the item record to enter the statement.



Enter information in the Note box when more than 1 physical item is included in one item record.









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