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RSC Spine Label Format

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Cataloging Department Manual 



It is important that we standardize how we input the additional information on spine labels. This document serves as a refresher in spine label format.
 1. Volume information: 
·         Use lowercase v.#, no space in between, e.g., v.2
·         Use a dash (-) for ranges, if needed, e.g., v.1-2
2. Part information:
·         Use lowercase pt.#, no space in between, e.g., pt.2
·         For multiple parts, use pts.#, e.g., pts.1-3 
3. Copy information:
·           Copy information is not needed on spine label or item record. 
4. Dates:
·         For range of dates, input the full date for the starting date. Input the last two digits of the ending date, following a dash, e.g., 1992-93 
5. Date and volume:
·         If both date and volume information exist, input date information first, followed by volume information, e.g.,
6. Date, volume and part:
·         If an item has date, volume and part information, input date information first, followed by volume information, then part, e.g.,
7. Summary:
·      Use: summ. 
8. Supplement:
·         Use: suppl.  
9. Curriculum Materials:
Generally, take the wording from the material, and shorten it to fit the spine. Below are some samples: 
Description                                           Format on Label
            Grade 2                                                       Gr.2
            Level 6                                                 Lvl.6
Skills Book                                            S.B.
Student Book                                        Blank
            Student Text                                         Blank   
Teacher’s Annotated Edition                  T.A.E.
Teacher’s Book                                    T.B.
            Teacher’s Guide                                    T.G.
            Teacher’s Resources Guide                   T.R.G.
Teacher’s Resources Pack                    T.R.P.





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