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RSC Books with Discs or DVDs

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Cataloging Department Manual




I. Cataloging.


  1. Cataloging of books with discs or DVDs will follow new books cataloging procedures.
  2. 300 field should have the disc or DVD information in subfield "e."
  3. Use a 500 field for system requirements for the material. Information can be taken from the item or item label, book jacket or within the book. Copy the information to the note field according to AACR2 note order (9.7B1). It is not necessary to re-write or create the information.
  4. Make a title added entry for the material if needed.  


II. Processing.


  1. Acquisitions Dept. routes books with discs or DVDs to Cataloging Dept.
  2. Two sets of labels will be needed for the book and DVD. An accompaying CD would only need one book label on its front case.
  3. The book will be linked to location "UpperLvl,"  disc "PermanResv," and DVD "DVD." For Type, linked CD to "DATACD" and DVD as "DVD." Route Reference books with CDs to Reference staff member, and circulating books to Circulation Dept. 
  4. If the disc has a guide which cannot be placed in container, apply barcode and label to the guide. Both disc and guide are placed in Reserve area. If DVD comes with extensive information, process the guide as a book. The guide will be shelved next to DVD. If DVD's format is the same as data CD, link the DVD as "DataCD." Add a note in item record, describing the DVD.


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