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Drew Thesis AV and Accomp Material

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Drew University Library






Some thesis manuscripts are accompanied by maps, additional literature, VHS cassettes, CDs, CD-ROMs, or DVDs.     It is general policy that we retain in the Special Collections room an archival copy of any piece that hasn't been microfilmed or that is not part of the archival Special Collections copy.


Consult the Conservation Associate about how the material should be treated by the bindery.

Many decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.  Generally we try to keep material inside the covers of the bound thesis if possible.


Originals of accompanying print or audiovisual items are bar coded and a copy record made.  They are placed in an appropriate container, labeled and given to the Archivist or Conservation Associate for shelving in the Special Collections thesis room.


Caspersen and Theological School doctoral-level theses


The originals of any accompanying material are retained for the Special Collections room.  If necessary, photocopy accompanying print material for the circulating copy.   The Media Resource Center will duplicate any accompanying audiovisual items.  The originals will stay in the Special Collections room and the copies will be labeled for the circulating collection.



D.Min. theses


Each year a few D.Min. papers are submitted along with audiovisual items.  Since there is only one copy of any D.Min. paper, all separate print material must be photocopied for the Special Collections room, and any audiovisual items are sent to the MRC for duplication (fund LIB65090). The copy is circulated and the original is placed in an appropriate container, barcoded, labeled, and shelved by the Conservation Associate or the Archivist in the Special Collections thesis room.



                                                                                                Jan. 31, 2006


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