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Drew Shakespeare Shelving

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Drew University Library






Works by and about Shakespeare are found on E level under the call #        822



They are arranged on the shelves in the order listed below, with criticism of specific works immediately following individual titles (criticism is designated by an upper case "Y."  Criticism of Shakespeare's work as a whole shelves at the end. 


Comedies (plays begin with a small letter "c" and are followed by title letters)


cY       Criticism of the comedies, general


ca         All's well that ends well


cay       As you like it


cc         Comedy of errors


cl         Love's labor lost


cma      Much ado about nothing


cmm    Measure for measure


cmn     Midsummer night's dream


cmv     Merchant of Venice


cmw    Merry wives of Windsor


ct         Tempest


ctg       Two gentlemen of Verona


ctn       Twelfth night


cts        Taming of the shrew


cw       Winters tale



Histories (plays begin with a small letter "h" and are followed by title letters)


hY       Criticism of the histories, general


hh        Henry IV


hha                     , part I


hhb                     , part II


hhe      Henry V


hhn      Henry VI


hhna                  , part I


hhnb                  , part II


hhnc                  , part III


hhr       Henry VIII


hj         King John


hr         Richard II


hri        Richard III




Poetry (works begin with a small letter "p" and are followed by title letters0


pB       Collections of poetry


pY       Criticism of poetry, general


pl         Lucrece


pp        Phoenix and the Turtle


ps         Songs


pso       Sonnets


pv        Venus and Adonis



Tragedies (plays begin with a small letter "t" and are followed by title letters)


tY        Criticism of tragedies, general


ta         Antony and Cleopatra


tc         Coriolanus


tcy       Cymbeline


th         Hamlet


tj          Julius Caesar


tk         King Lear


tm        Macbeth


to         Othello


tp         Pericles


tr          Romeo and Juliet


tt          Timon of Athens


tta        Titus Andronicus


ttc        Troilus and Cressida


Spurious and doubtful works (works begin with a small letter "z")



Following the individual works themselves are the following:



Complete works                    822





Collected works                     822




Selections                                822





Biographies                            822





Criticism of Shakespeare's work     822




Miscellaneous items                           822

(concordances, indexes, etc.)            S527Z




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