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Drew Reclass Procedure

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Using retrieval slips, retrieve books from stacks.  


Edit call number in the bibliographic record.  Check for duplication of call numbers with a

call number search using the binoculars icon.   Expand call number if necessary.  Check position of the 092 field and adjust if necessary (correct order is 082, 092, 049). 


Edit copy record(s) to correct the call number.


In the book, erase old call number and extraneous markings.  Write new call number in.


Line out the old call number on the smart barcode labels with a pen.


Remove due date slips.   Deal with book pocket: (1) pull out, or (2) white-out old call number, or (3) line out old call number.   It is permissible to retain the book pocket or discard it, whichever is easiest, but the incorrect call number must not be readily legible.


Count number of cuttered and uncuttered volumes and record on statistics sheet.





If a book or volume is not found, complete a Recall/Search card for the book and give it to appropriate Circulation Supervisor.  If there are multiple volumes or copies, it is permissible to change the call number in the 092 field and change as many volumes or copies as there are in hand.   Never change the call number in the copy record for a missing book. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Rev. 10/2005


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