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BCMC Meeting Agenda 6-12-08

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 VALE BCMC Meeting

June 12 , 2008   10:00 AM

 Pane Room, Alexander Library

Rutgers University






1.       Minutes taker


2.       Approval of minutes April 3, 2008 (10:00-10:05)


3.       VALE committee guidelines VALE Committee Guidelines (Weng) (10:05-10:15)


4.       NJ NACO Program (Weng) (10:15-10:30)


5.       BCMC structure  Proposed Committee Structure (10:30-10:40)


6.       BCMC Research Subcommittee update (Hughs) (10:40-10:50)


7.       BCMC liaisons update  (10:50-11:00)


8.       VALE Digital Media Committee and NJVid Project (Sandford) (11:00-11:15)


9.       Round robin reports (11:15-12:15)


10.   Committee secretary and fall election (12:15-12:30)


11.   New business



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